Are Silken Windhounds Good For First Time Owners?

Silken Windhounds are a relatively new breed of dog that has been gaining popularity among dog enthusiasts. They are known for their elegance, agility, and gentle nature. If you’re considering getting a Silken Windhound as your first dog, this blog post will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Breed Overview

The Silken Windhound is a sighthound breed that was developed in the late 20th century by crossing Borzoi and Whippet lines. This breed combines the grace and beauty of these two breeds while maintaining its own unique characteristics. Silken Windhounds typically weigh between 20 and 65 pounds, making them a medium-sized breed.


One of the main reasons why Silken Windhounds are suitable for first-time owners is their gentle temperament. They are known to be affectionate, friendly, and easy to get along with. These dogs form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy being part of the family. However, it’s important to note that each individual dog may vary in temperament due to various factors including genetics and environment.

Exercise Needs

Silken Windhounds have moderate exercise needs compared to some other breeds. Daily walks or playtime in a securely fenced yard will help keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated. Although they have bursts of energy when playing or running around freely, they generally have a calm demeanor indoors.

Socialization Requirements

Proper socialization from an early age is crucial for any dog breed, including Silken Windhounds. As first-time owners should be aware, exposing your pup to different people, animals, sounds, environments can promote healthy development and prevent behavioral issues later on. Silken Windhounds have a friendly disposition and tend to get along well with other dogs and pets when properly socialized.


Silken Windhounds are intelligent dogs that respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. They aim to please their owners, making them relatively easy to train for first-time owners. Consistency, patience, and using reward-based techniques will yield the best results in shaping your Silken Windhound’s behavior.


When it comes to grooming needs, Silken Windhounds require regular brushing to maintain their silky coat. While they don’t shed excessively, weekly brushing helps keep their fur free from tangles or mats. Additionally, routine nail trims, teeth brushing, and ear cleaning should be incorporated into their grooming regimen.

Health Considerations

Like any breed of dog, Silken Windhounds may be prone to certain health conditions such as allergies or progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). It is important for first-time owners to choose a reputable breeder who screens their breeding stock for genetic diseases common in the breed. Regular veterinary check-ups and a balanced diet are essential for ensuring the overall health of your furry companion.


In conclusion, Silken Windhounds can make excellent companions for first-time dog owners due to their gentle temperament, moderate exercise needs, and trainable nature. However, it is crucial that potential owners understand the responsibilities associated with owning any dog breed before making a decision. With proper care, love, and attention given by responsible ownership practices outlined above—Silken Windhound can become lifelong friends bringing joy and happiness into your life!