Why Your Dog Licks You and How to Stop It

Why Does Your Dog Lick You?

Dogs lick as a way of communication, affection, and simply because they enjoy it. When you come back from work or when your dog greets you in the morning, he/she will most likely start licking you to show that they missed you. Another reason dogs lick is to get your attention; if they want something from you like food or water bowl refills, they may begin by licking.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Lick Their Owners?

Yes! A little bit of slobber never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s a sign of love and trust between canine and human. However, excessive licking can lead to some serious problems such as skin irritation or spreading bacteria which causes infections.

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Licking You Excessively?

There are several ways to stop excessive licking:
– Ignore the behavior: Sometimes ignoring your dog’s licks can be effective!
– Reward good behavior: If your dog only licks when asked for kisses then reward him/her with treats!
– Redirect their attention: Give them toys or bones instead.
Remember that stopping your dog altogether from showing affection towards you isn’t necessary! Just curbing excessive licking habits is what we’re aiming for!

To Sum It Up

Your furry friend means no harm by showering you with love through his/her wet kisses. They do this out of love and in order to communicate specific needs such as hunger or thirst (when it comes to water bowls). So don’t take offense — rather appreciate every gesture of affection that comes from those cute paws!