The Science Behind Why Dogs Lick Each Other and What it Means


Dogs are wonderful creatures that offer us love, loyalty and companionship. One of the common behaviors among dogs is licking each other. Some people might find this behavior endearing while others might think it’s gross, but have you ever wondered why do dogs lick each other? In this post, we’ll explore some possible reasons behind this behavior.


One of the most common reasons why dogs lick each other is to groom themselves or their pack members. Dogs tend to be fastidious animals that like to keep themselves clean and tidy by constantly grooming themselves or others in their pack. By licking their own fur or another dog’s coat, they remove dirt, debris and loose hair from their fur.


Another reason for licking is affection between two dogs. When a dog licks another dog’s face or mouth area repeatedly, it could be a sign of submission indicating one dog recognizes the other as dominant in its environment and wants to show respect towards them. It can also indicate friendly playfulness between two friends that enjoy spending time together.


Licking can also be used as a way for dogs to communicate with one another. For example, if one dog licks another’s ears excessively it could mean they want something such as food or water but can’t get it themselves due to being unable to reach something on their own.

In conclusion, there are many different reasons why dogs lick each other ranging from simple grooming habits all the way through showing love and affection towards their fellow pack mates which helps them bond closer together over time with increased trust levels built up over repeated interactions such as these!