What Were Corman Shepherds Bred For?

Corman Shepherds, also known as Coonhound German Shepherd mixes, are a fascinating hybrid breed that combines the intelligence and versatility of German Shepherds with the tracking and hunting abilities of Coonhounds. This unique combination makes them excellent working dogs with a wide range of skills. In this blog post, we will delve into what Corman Shepherds were originally bred for and how their specific traits contribute to their purpose.

The Origins of Corman Shepherds

To understand what Corman Shepherds were bred for, we must first look at their origins. As with most mixed breeds, these dogs do not have a well-documented history compared to purebred dogs. However, by examining the characteristics and abilities inherited from their parent breeds, we can gain valuable insights into their original purpose.

Hunting Abilities

Coonhounds are renowned for their exceptional scent-tracking and treeing capabilities used primarily in raccoon hunting. These hounds possess an incredible sense of smell combined with remarkable stamina and agility. They excel at sniffing out game trails over vast distances while maintaining focus on the task at hand.

When crossed with German Shepherds – known for being exceptional working dogs – these traits become even more pronounced in Corman Shepherds. The result is an intelligent canine capable of tracking various types of quarry efficiently.

Guarding Instincts

German Shepherds have long been revered as one of the best guard dog breeds due to their natural protective instincts towards both family members and property. They exhibit unmatched loyalty coupled with keen senses that make them highly alert to any potential threats or intruders.

By inheriting such guarding instincts from German Shepherd ancestors, Corman Shepherds display strong protective behaviors towards those they consider part of their pack, making them excellent family pets as well as working dogs.

Herding Abilities

German Shepherds have a rich history of herding livestock and are recognized for their exceptional herding abilities. Their intelligence, agility, and ability to anticipate the movement of animals make them highly valuable in managing and controlling flocks.

When combined with the scent-tracking skills inherited from Coonhounds, Corman Shepherds possess a unique skill set that allows them to excel not only in hunting but also in herding tasks. This versatility makes them an asset on farms or ranches where they can assist in both managing livestock and protecting the property from potential threats.


Corman Shepherds were bred for their exceptional tracking abilities inherited from Coonhounds and their intelligence and versatility derived from German Shepherds. These hybrid dogs were originally developed to excel at hunting various quarry while maintaining strong protective instincts towards their families. Additionally, they display remarkable herding skills that make them invaluable assets on farms or ranches.

If you’re considering adding a Corman Shepherd to your family or work environment, it’s essential to understand these ancestral traits so that you can provide appropriate mental stimulation and physical exercise for a happy and fulfilled canine companion.