What type of coat do Swedish Vallhunds have?

The Swedish Vallhund is a charming and spirited breed known for its fox-like appearance and energetic nature. Among their distinctive features, their coat stands out as an essential characteristic. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of coats that Swedish Vallhunds possess, shedding light on their unique qualities.

The Double-Coated Wonder

Swedish Vallhunds boast a double-coat that serves as protection against various weather conditions. The outer coat is medium-length, harsh to touch, and lies close to their body. It acts as a barrier against external elements such as dirt and moisture while providing insulation in colder temperatures.

On the other hand, the undercoat is dense and soft in texture. This thick layer provides additional insulation by trapping warm air close to their skin during chilly periods. This exceptional double-coat enables these dogs to withstand harsh climates with ease.

Identifying Coats Through Colors

Apart from considering its texture, one can also differentiate Swedish Vallhund coats through colors they exhibit. These adorable canines can be found in several color variations:

1. Red/Gold: Many Swedish Vallhunds have beautiful shades of red or golden hues spread throughout their bodies.
3. Gray: Some individuals display shades of gray or silver fur which adds an air of elegance to their appearance.
4.Black/Tan: Another attractive combination seen among these dogs includes black fur with tan markings on specific areas like eyebrows and cheeks.
5.Tricolors: Certain Swedish Vallhunds surprise us with tricolor patterns consisting of black/tan hairs along with some white patches scattered around.

Each color variation enhances the breed’s uniqueness while highlighting its individual character traits even more profoundly.

Maintaining Their Magnificent Coat

To ensure the coat of a Swedish Vallhund remains healthy and attractive, regular grooming is crucial. Here are some tips to maintain their magnificent coats:

1.Brushing: Due to their double-coat, Swedish Vallhunds require frequent brushing sessions. This helps remove dead hair, prevents matting, and promotes good blood circulation.
2.Bathing: While these dogs are relatively clean by nature, occasional baths are necessary to keep them fresh and odor-free. Use high-quality dog shampoo that supports their skin health.
3.Nail Trimming: Regular nail trimming avoids discomfort for your furry friend while also preventing scratches or accidents caused by excessively long nails.
4.Ear Cleaning: Inspect ears regularly for signs of irritation or infection. Gently clean with an appropriate solution recommended by your veterinarian.

By following these grooming practices diligently, you can maintain the splendor of your Swedish Vallhund’s coat while ensuring their overall well-being.


In conclusion, the Swedish Vallhund’s coat is much more than just fur; it plays a vital role in protecting them from various weather conditions and adds to their overall charm. With its unique texture and color variations, this breed stands out amongst others.

Understanding the different types of coats exhibited by Swedish Vallhunds allows owners to better care for this remarkable breed’s specific needs. By providing proper grooming maintenance along with love and attention, you can support your furry companion in maintaining a healthy and beautiful coat throughout its life journey!