What type of coat do Springerdoodles have?

Springerdoodles are a popular hybrid dog breed known for their friendly personalities and adorable looks. A cross between an English Springer Spaniel and a Poodle, these lovable companions inherit various traits from both parent breeds, including their coat types. Understanding the different coat variations in Springerdoodles can help you better care for your furry friend.

Hypoallergenic Coats

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, hypoallergenic coats in Springerdoodles might be the perfect fit. Thanks to the Poodle genes they inherit, some Springerdoodles have low-shedding coats that produce fewer allergens compared to other breeds. These dogs are often recommended for individuals with allergies as they typically cause less irritation.

Curly Coats

One common type of coat found in Springerdoodles is curly hair. This type of coat closely resembles that of a Poodle and requires regular grooming to prevent matting or tangling. Curly-coated Springerdoodles are ideal for pet owners who enjoy keeping their dogs’ fur styled and neat since it allows plenty of room for creativity when it comes to haircuts.

Wavy Coats

Another prevalent coat type among Springerdoodles is wavy fur. While not as tightly curled as the curly-haired variation, wavy coats still exhibit some curls but give off a more relaxed look overall. This texture makes them relatively easier to maintain compared to curly coats while retaining some appeal for those who appreciate a bit of texture.

Straight/Flat Coats

In certain instances, due to genetic variation, some Springerdoodle puppies may inherit straight or flat coats similar to those seen on English Springer Spaniels. These coats tend to be less common but still occur occasionally in this breed. Straight/flat-haired Springerdoodles have hair that lies flat against their body, typically requiring minimal grooming effort compared to the other coat types.

Combination Coats

In some cases, Springerdoodles may inherit a combination of different coat types. This means they might have patches of curly or wavy fur along with areas where their hair appears straight or flat. Combination coats give these dogs a unique and charming appearance while also adding complexity when it comes to maintenance and grooming routines.

Grooming Tips for Different Coat Types

No matter which type of coat your Springerdoodle has, regular grooming is essential to keep them healthy and looking their best:

  • Curly coats require more frequent brushing (at least every other day) to prevent matting and tangling.
  • Wavy coats benefit from brushing at least once or twice per week to remove loose hairs and prevent knots.
  • Straight/flat coats generally require less brushing but should still be groomed on a weekly basis.
  • For combination coats, you’ll need to adjust your grooming routine based on the specific texture in each area.

In addition to regular brushing, all Springerdoodles will need periodic baths using dog-friendly shampoos formulated for their particular coat type. It’s also important not to forget about nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and ensuring they maintain an overall healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise!


The diverse range of coat options found in Springerdoodles adds excitement for potential pet owners seeking variety within this hybrid breed. Understanding the different coat types—whether hypoallergenic, curly, wavy, straight/flat, or a combination—allows you to make an informed decision and provide the appropriate care for your Springerdoodle. With regular grooming and TLC, your furry friend will always look their best while enjoying a happy and healthy life by your side.