What type of coat do Pomeranian Cockapoos have?

The adorable Pomeranian Cockapoo breed is known for its charming personality and fluffy appearance. One characteristic that sets them apart from other dogs is their distinctive coat. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of coats that Pomeranian Cockapoos can have, shedding light on their fur-related traits.

Fur Types

Pomeranian Cockapoos can inherit various fur types depending on the genes they receive from their parent breeds – the Pomeranian and the Cocker Spaniel. Let’s discover some common types:

1. Straight or Wavy Hair:
– Some Pomeranian Cockapoos sport straight hair that falls gently along their body.
– Others may have wavy hair, which adds a touch of playful elegance to their appearance.

2. Curly or Tight Curls:
– Another possibility is a curly coat with tight ringlets all over.
– This type often gives these pups an irresistibly cuddly teddy bear-like look.

3. Combination Coats:
– Some fortunate Pomeranian Cockapoos inherit a combination coat consisting of both straight/wavy and curly sections.
– These delightful mixes give them a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Coat Colors

Just like there are variations in fur texture, colors also differ among individual Pomeranian Cockapoos:

1. Solid Colors:
– Many members of this crossbreed exhibit solid color coats such as black, white, cream, chocolate brown, apricot, or tan.

2. Bi-color or Tri-color Combinations:
– Other beautiful combinations include bi-color (two colors) or tri-color (three colors) patterns.

3. Parti-colored Coats:
– Some lucky Pomapoo pups have parti-colored coats, featuring patches of different colors on a predominantly white base.

4. Unique Markings:
– Occasionally, Pomeranian Cockapoos may display unique markings like spots or freckles.
– These distinct patterns further enhance their individuality and charm.

Grooming Needs

While the Pomeranian Cockapoo’s coat is undeniably stunning, it does require regular grooming to ensure its health and beauty are maintained:

1. Brushing:
– To prevent matting and tangling, it is essential to brush your Pomapoo’s coat at least two to three times a week.

2. Trimming:
– Regular professional trimming or clipping helps manage the length of their fur if desired.

3. Bathing:
– Frequent baths using high-quality dog shampoos designed for specific coat types will keep their fur clean and fresh.

4. Shedding:
– Compared to some other breeds, Pomeranian Cockapoos tend to shed less due to their hybrid nature.
– However, occasional shedding is normal, so be prepared for some light hair maintenance around your home.


In summary, Pomeranian Cockapoos boast an array of unique coat types ranging from straight/wavy hair to curly/tight curls and even combination coats. Their diverse color variations make them truly captivating pets with solid or parti-colored coats alongside charming markings when present. Remember that these adorable pups need regular grooming sessions including brushing, trimming (if necessary), bathing with appropriate products, and minimal attention towards shedding management.

By understanding the fascinating characteristics of the Pomeranian Cockapoo’s coat more deeply through this guide, you can better appreciate why they’re such beloved companions among dog lovers worldwide!