What type of coat do Laberneses have?

Laberneses are beloved designer dogs that have gained popularity for their adorable appearance and friendly nature. One distinguishing feature of these furry companions is their unique coat. In this blog post, we will explore the different types of coats Laberneses possess, shedding light on their characteristics and care needs.

Hypoallergenic or Not?

Labernese coats can vary in texture and thickness, but they are generally not considered hypoallergenic. If you or someone in your household has allergies, it’s important to take precautions when considering a Labernese as a pet.

Curly or Straight?

The first aspect to consider about the coat of a Labernese is its curliness. Some Laberneses inherit more Labrador-like straight hair while others lean towards the curly Bernese Mountain Dog side. This variation adds charm and uniqueness to each individual dog’s appearance.

Straight Hair:

If your Labernese has straight hair like its Labrador parent, you can expect it to be shorter in length and lie closer to the body. The fur may feel sleek to touch and provide decent insulation during colder months.

Curly Hair:

In contrast, if your Labernese inherits curly hair from its Bernese Mountain Dog lineage, their coat will be longer with tighter curls throughout. These curls bring an endearing fluffiness factor that many adore in this breed.

Color Variations

Another fascinating characteristic of the Labernese coat lies within its color variations. These hybrid dogs can display an array of colors inherited from both sides of their lineage – Labrador Retrievers and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Here are some common coat patterns you may come across:

Solid Colored Coats:

Some Laberneses exhibit solid colored coats, typically seen in black, chocolate brown, or yellow shades reminiscent of their Labrador heritage.

Bicolor or Tricolor Coats:

Many Laberneses showcase the stunning tricolor pattern that Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for. This includes a combination of black, white, and rust-colored markings on their bodies.

Caring for Your Labernese’s Coat

To keep your Labernese’s coat healthy and looking its best, regular grooming is essential. Here are some tips to help you maintain their fur in top condition:


Laberneses can have medium to high shedding levels depending on the individual dog. Regular brushing with a slicker brush or comb will help remove loose hairs and prevent matting.


Avoid excessive bathing as it can strip natural oils from your Labernese’s coat. Aim for bathing them every 6-8 weeks using a mild dog shampoo recommended by your veterinarian.

Nail Trimming:

In addition to coat care, don’t forget about nail trimming! Keeping your Labernese’s nails at an appropriate length is crucial for their comfort and overall paw health.

The Bottom Line

Laberneses possess beautiful coats that add to their charm and appeal as family pets. Understanding the different types of coats they can have – whether straight or curly-haired – along with various color patterns allows potential owners to appreciate this breed even more deeply. Remember that regular grooming practices will ensure your Labernese’s coat remains healthy and glossy, making them a true head-turner wherever you go!