What type of coat do Aki-poos have?

When it comes to the Aki-poo breed, one of their most distinctive features is undoubtedly their beautiful coat. Combining the characteristics of both the Akita Inu and Poodle breeds, Aki-poos can have a variety of coat types that make them even more unique and appealing. In this blog post, we will delve into the various kinds of coats seen in Aki-poos, providing you with an in-depth understanding of what to expect from these adorable furry companions.

Straight or Wavy Coats

A significant number of Aki-poos inherit a straight or wavy coat type from either parent breed. These coats are usually low-maintenance and require regular brushing to keep them tangle-free and neat. The straight or slightly wavy texture adds a touch of elegance to your dog’s appearance while still being relatively easy to groom.

Curly Coats

On the other hand, some Aki-poos may take after their Poodle heritage more prominently, resulting in curly coats that are fluffy and full-bodied. These curly-haired pooches require frequent grooming sessions as their fur tends to mat easily if left unattended. Regular professional grooming appointments may be necessary for maintaining proper hygiene and preventing any discomfort for your beloved pet.

Double Coats

A double-coated Aki-poo typically inherits this feature from its Akita Inu lineage. The double coat consists of a soft undercoat underneath a longer protective topcoat comprising guard hairs that offer insulation against various weather conditions. This combination allows these dogs to stay comfortable during colder months while offering protection against excessive sun exposure during warmer seasons.

The Undercoat:

  • The undercoat is dense and provides insulation, helping to regulate body temperature.
  • It requires regular brushing to prevent matting and shedding during seasonal coat blows.

The Topcoat:

  • The topcoat offers protection from external elements such as rain or snow.
  • Regular grooming helps maintain the overall appearance while ensuring dirt and debris are kept at bay.

Coat Colors and Patterns

Aki-poos can come in a variety of colors due to their mixed heritage. Common coat colors include black, white, red, brown, brindle, cream, silver, or even a combination of these hues. The patterns can range from solid-colored coats to those with spots or patches that add further charm to their already adorable appearance!

Grooming Tips for Aki-poos

To keep your Aki-poo looking fabulous all year round, here are some essential grooming tips:

  • Regular brushing (at least once a week) helps prevent tangles and mats for straight-haired or wavy-coated Aki-poos.If you have a curly-coated Aki-poo friend who requires more maintenance,taking them for professional grooming every four to six weeks is recommended.
  • Pay attention to the ears by cleaning them regularly; this decreases the risk of infections since ear hair tends to grow quickly.
  • Frequent baths using dog-friendly shampoo help maintain cleanliness without drying out their skin.
  • Nail trimming should be done monthly unless they naturally wear down through exercise on abrasive surfaces like asphalt.

  • Note: Always consult with your veterinarian regarding specific care requirements based on your individual pet’s needs.


The Aki-poo breed is a wonderful combination of Akita Inu and Poodle, resulting in various coat types that make each dog unique. Whether your Aki-poo has a straight, wavy, curly or double coat, proper grooming and care are essential to keep them looking their best. By understanding the characteristics of their coats and establishing a regular grooming routine based on their needs, you can ensure your Aki-poo remains happy, healthy, and stylish for years to come!