Button-Ear Dogs: Get to Know 5 Breeds with Adorable Button Ears

What are Button Ears?

Button ears are a specific type of ear shape seen in some dog breeds. They are small, round and set high on the head, giving them the appearance of buttons. These types of ears can be very expressive and add to a dog’s overall cuteness factor.

Breeds with Button Ears

There are several breeds that have button ears as part of their physical characteristics. Some examples include Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Pekingese dogs. These breeds were specifically bred for their unique features which makes them stand out from other breeds.

Care for Dogs with Button Ears

Dogs with button ears require special care when it comes to grooming because they tend to accumulate dirt and wax inside their ear canal more easily than other dogs. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent infections or buildup that could lead to health issues down the road. It is recommended that owners seek advice from their veterinarians on how best to care for these types of ears.

Personality Traits

Breeds with button ears often share some common personality traits such as being affectionate, playful, loyal and protective towards their families. These dogs love attention and enjoy spending time cuddling up next to their owners while relaxing at home or going out for long walks in the park.

In conclusion, if you’re considering adding a furry friend into your life who has adorable button-like ears then research about different breeds personalities before selecting one so that you’ll find a pup whose personality suits yours! Lastly never forget proper care which includes regular cleaning routines in order avoid unwanted health problems!