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Ways to Care for Your Dog with Hip and Joint Problems

A Few Simple Idea’s to Make Life Easier on the Dog Who Suffers from Hip and Joint Pain

Many dogs suffer from hip and joint problems. Some are severe such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia from poor breeding but others are just degenerative from age such as arthritis. Either way most pet owners choose to hang onto their pets for as long as they possibly can. Many will have the conditions treated with surgery or some will pursue holistic avenues and medicinal. No matter what route you choose to go down with your pet, there are still a few things that you can do at home to help make life easier on your beloved friend.

One of the easiest ways to help your pet be more comfortable is to look at ways to improve its every day life. The basics of life can often be made easier with just a few simple tasks. One of these is to purchase or make raised or elevated food and water dishes. These wonderful contraptions raise the bowls up off the ground and help your pet reach them far easier without putting undo stress on their backs, shoulders, and elbows as they bend down to drink or eat. You will see many pets who are in pain from bending over to eat laying down in front of the food and water bowl. These pets may look comfortable but you also must take into consideration the energy and effort they will need to get up and down from these positions in order to eat. If you pet is already suffering from chronic pain they may actually start avoiding the food and water bowls because of the effort and pain that the act of eating and drinking brings them. The best way to avoid this is with elevated dishes. The cost to add these dishes to your home is minimal. Many can be purchased for under twenty dollars.

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