Train Your Dog To Execute An Extremely Fast and Reliable Recall


Training your dog is a great way to bond and strengthen the relationship between you two. Having a reliable recall can be extremely beneficial for both you and your furry friend, especially in situations where safety is a concern.

Start with Basic Recall Training

Before diving into fast recall training, make sure that your dog has mastered basic recall commands such as “come” or “here”. This will ensure that they have an understanding of what you’re asking them to do and it will also provide a foundation for more advanced training.

Use High-Value Treats

Using high-value treats like small pieces of chicken or cheese can encourage your dog to come back to you quickly. Make sure that these treats are only given when they have responded correctly to the command, so that they understand the importance of obeying.

Incorporate Distractions

Once your dog has grasped basic recall, start adding distractions such as other dogs or toys around them. This will teach them how to focus on you even when there are other things vying for their attention. Gradually increase the level of distraction until they’re able to reliably respond even when there’s lots going on around them.

Practice Regularly

Consistency is key! You should practice this training regularly with your pup every day. Consistent repetition helps drive home the message and reinforces good habits over time.

In conclusion, having a reliable fast recall could potentially save your pet’s life one day – not just convenient for everyday use! With some dedication and consistent practice ,training this skill should become second nature for both yourself and Fido in no time at all!