The Essential Guide to Teaching Your Dog to Relax Around Bees


Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem, but they can be scary for dogs who don’t understand them. Unfortunately, if your furry friend tries to chase or swat at bees, they risk getting stung. Here are some tips to teach your dog how to relax around bees.

Start with basic training

Before teaching your dog to relax around bees, make sure they have basic obedience skills like sit and stay commands. These will come in handy when you want to keep your pup away from the buzzing little creatures. Positive reinforcement techniques work best during training sessions – treats and praise will help reinforce good behavior and discourage bad behavior.

Familiarize your dog with honeybees

One way of helping dogs learn that bees are friends is by familiarizing them with honeybees. This means showing them videos or pictures of these little insects while giving positive feedback such as petting or treats. As this progresses, try taking walks near areas where honeybees frequent such as parks, farms among other places.

Distract Your Dog Using Toys During Visits To Bee-Friendly Places

If you enjoy visiting bee-friendly places like gardens full of flowers that attract pollinators or local apiaries on weekends then it might be a great idea to bring along some toys that can distract your pooch from being too curious about the flying creatures around them.

Get Help From A Professional Trainer

Lastly, if all else fails consider working alongside a professional trainer who has experience in using gentle methods such as counter-conditioning for redirecting unwanted behaviour- which could help relieve anxiety related issues between the pooch and their surrounding environment including bumblebee encounters.

With patience and consistency during these exercises shared here above will teach any anxious furry friend how not to get overly excited when encountering busy buzzing bees.