Teaching Your Dog Good Table Manners: How to Train Your Canine Dining Companion


Dogs are social creatures and often enjoy being included in family activities, including meals. However, it can be challenging to teach them how to behave appropriately at the dinner table. Here are some tips on how to train your furry friend to be a good dining companion.

Preparation is key

Before inviting your dog to the dinner table, prepare their meal first. This way, they won’t beg for food from you or other diners. Have their bowl placed in an area away from the main eating area so that they can eat calmly and peacefully.

Train basic commands

Teaching basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “lay down” will help keep your dog calm during mealtime. Practice these commands with your pet regularly so that they become second nature when guests come over for dinner.

Avoid feeding from the table

Feeding your dog scraps of food while you’re eating encourages bad behavior such as begging and jumping up on people. It’s essential not to feed them anything from the table during mealtimes.

Create boundaries

Set boundaries around where dogs can go during dinner time; this includes furniture like chairs or couches near where meals take place or even underfoot at foot level if space allows for it! Dogs should also have designated areas outside of dining rooms like crates or beds where they can relax without disturbing anyone else who might be eating nearby.

In conclusion, teaching a dog proper manners at the dinner table requires patience and commitment but is worthwhile both for you and your furry friend’s happiness and well-being! By following these simple steps, pet owners will create better habits within their dogs’ routines while enjoying quality time together at every mealtime.