Keep Your Dog Safe This Holiday Season: Tips on How to Shave Your Pup

Keep Your Dog Away From Harmful Foods

It’s Christmas time, and you are probably preparing all kinds of delicious meals for yourself and your family. However, some of these foods may be harmful or even toxic to your beloved pet. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, nuts that contain xylitol can cause serious health problems for dogs. So it is important to keep them away from the table and food storage areas at all times.

Make Sure Your Tree is Securely Anchored

A Christmas tree is a beautiful addition to any home during the holiday season but also poses a danger to your curious dog if not properly secured. You should make sure that it’s well anchored so that it cannot be toppled over by an excited pup who wants to explore its branches.

Decorate Carefully

Decorating during the holidays always makes everything feel more festive! But keep in mind how different ornaments could be dangerous or frustrating when around pets. Pets can easily mistake tinsel for toys which can lead up on choking hazards or other digestive injuries like blockages caused by eating ribbon/string-like materials.

Avoid Using Candles Around Dogs

Candles bring warmth and light into our lives but they’re not suitable if you have pets around because they are prone accidentals while playing/knocking things over causing fire threats etc., making them very dangerous especially with puppies.

Keep Your Dog Calm During Celebrations

There will likely be many get-togethers and celebrations this holiday season including New Year’s Eve fireworks displays which can really scare some dogs so make sure their comfort zone isn’t impaired as much as possible during these events involving loud noises & flashing lights as such things could upset their ears/eyes too!