Tips for Helping Cats and Dogs Get Along: How to Make Furry Friends

The Problem: Cats and Dogs Don’t Always Play Nice

As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to get along. However, dogs and cats have different instincts that can sometimes clash. While some dogs view cats as a fun playmate, others may see them as prey. Similarly, some cats are comfortable around dogs while others are terrified of them. So what can you do if your pets don’t seem to be getting along?

The Solution: Gradual Introduction

The key to helping your pets become friends is introducing them gradually. Start by keeping them in separate rooms for a few days so they can get used to each other’s scent without being face-to-face. Next, let them see each other through a baby gate or screen door so they can interact without risking harm. Once they’re comfortable with this level of interaction, try letting them spend short periods of supervised time together until they grow more accustomed to one another.

Tip: Managing Feeding Time

One way to prevent any territorial disputes between your pets is by managing their feeding time carefully. Keep their bowls in separate areas of the house and feed them at different times so there’s no competition over food resources.

Tip: Provide Plenty of Distractions

Another way to help ease tension between cats and dogs is by providing plenty of distractions for both animals throughout the day such as toys or scratching posts for the cat and chew toys or puzzle feeders for the dog.


Bringing a new pet into your household can be challenging but taking things slowly will ensure success! With patience and careful management from you as an owner, eventually these two potentially contentious creatures could very well become best buds – just give it time!