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Five Quiet Dog Breeds that Won’t Annoy the Neighbors

If you live in a quiet neighborhood without many dogs or in an apartment and want a dog of your own, you may be concerned about your newpet annoying the neighbors with incessant barking. If you want to avoid this potential problem, you may want to consider one of these unusually quiet dog breeds:

The Whippet

This sleek and graceful dog resembles a greyhound in appearance and generally makes a sedate indoor companion when given proper care and training. They’re generally not the type of dog who’s going to bark indiscriminately at anything that moves. In fact, they tend to be somewhat shy and sensitive by nature which makes them an ideal canine companion if you’re worried about noise levels. Contrary to popular belief, this quiet dog breed doesn’t need a large space for exercise and is quite content to live in a small house or apartment.

The Borzoi

This sleek and slender dog breed is both agile and athletic. Although they do require pace and opportunity to exercise, Borzois make quiet apartment or house companions and aren’t prone to frequent barking. Like the Whippet, they have a tendency to be emotionally sensitive and can be difficult to train. Their long, silk coat makes them heavy shedders so be prepared for lots of hair balls in your house or apartment.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Although this dog breed is not prone to barking excessively, they do require a significant amount of exercise on a daily basis to help dissipate some of their considerable energy. If not given sufficient exercise, they can become destructive around the house or yard. This can lead to disastrous consequences if they are left alone during the day. Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are also naturally protective dogs and will bark at strangers and intruders until they sense there’s no danger. This dog breed is not ideal for apartment life.

The Basenji

Although the Basenji is a quiet dog breed, they do have high energy levels and an innately curious nature which makes them prone to becoming bored and destructive. This is another breed that needs lots of exercise and stimulation and may not function well in a small apartment. Basenjis also have a tendency to chase other animals and even small children if provoked. For this reason, the Basenji is performs best in a home without young children.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain dog is known to be a quiet dog breed, although their large size may be a drawback if you live in an apartment. They can reach weights of up to 140 pounds. They tend to be very happy, friendly dogs that adapt well to home life and are calm and gentle with people if given the proper training and socialization. A walk every morning should be sufficient exercise for most Swiss Mountain dogs. If space isn’t a consideration, the Greater Swiss Mountain dog can be an ideal pet.

While any dog can display excessive barking behavior if not socialized properly, this groups of five quiet dog breeds are some of the least likely to disturb your peaceful neighborhood.

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