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Eclampsia in Dogs: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Known as Milk Fever is caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, especially of calcium, occurring when a female dog’s body uses all its nutrients for her milk, leaving her own body depleted. This is a serious and life-threatening condition. Occurs at any time during or after pregnancy, though more frequently one to three weeks after whelping. Most often seen in toy dogs.

Physical Symptoms

Restlessness, stiff legged walking, disorientation, extreme stiffening of limbs or body, shivering or shaking.


Improper diet during pregnancy; may be brought on by insufficient supplementation or over supplementation of calcium. Dogs who have suffered Eclampsia once are more likely to show recurring attacks.


Consult your veterinarian. Generally, the dog will have a blood test to diagnose the condition and will be treated with a slow intravenous infusion of calcium.

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