Fun and Engaging Games to Play with Your Dog If You’re Physically Impaired


Being physically impaired can limit your physical activity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your furry friend. There are plenty of dog games to play even if you’re disabled, and this post will help you explore some options.

Fetch with a Twist

Playing fetch is an all-time favorite among dogs and their owners. But if throwing the ball isn’t possible for you, try using a launcher or remote-controlled toy instead. These items allow you to throw the ball without needing much arm strength.


Hide-and-seek is another fun game that can be adapted for people with physical impairments. You can use treats or toys as bait for your dog to find while keeping yourself stationary in one spot like sitting on a chair or bed.

Scent Games

Dogs have an amazing sense of smell, which makes scent games perfect for those who are physically impaired. You could hide different scents around the house and let your pooch sniff them out by following his nose.


Tug-of-war is a great way to bond with your dog while also providing exercise. If holding onto the rope is difficult due to upper body weakness, consider attaching it to something sturdy like a table leg so you don’t need to grip it tightly.


Physical impairment shouldn’t limit the joy brought by playing games with your furry companion – these activities show there’s always room for adaptability! With these suggestions above, we hope we’ve inspired some ideas that work best for everyone involved in having lots of fun moments together despite any limitations they may face – this includes people who might otherwise feel left out from bonding experiences between themselves and their pets!