Black Gums and Beyond: A Guide to Different Dog Breeds with Darker Mouths


When it comes to our furry friends, we love them just the way they are. However, there are certain traits that make each breed unique and set them apart from others. One such trait is their gum color. While most dogs have pink gums, some breeds have black gums which can be a bit surprising for first-time dog owners.

Breeds with black gums

There are several breeds that have naturally occurring black gums such as Chow Chows, Shar-Peis, and Akitas. These breeds originated in Asia and were bred for their protective nature towards their families. Their distinctive gum color adds to their unique appearance and sets them apart from other breeds.

Gum pigmentation

Black or spotted gums occur due to natural pigmentation. It’s not a sign of illness or poor health; rather it’s an inherited characteristic of certain breeds passed down through generations. In fact, the dark pigment helps protect against UV rays and enhances oral health by reducing inflammation caused by bacteria.

Dental care for black-gummed dogs

Just like any other dog breed, those with black gums require regular dental checkups along with routine brushing to keep their teeth healthy. Since dark-colored gums can hide tartar buildup more easily than pink ones, regular cleanings at the vet may be necessary to ensure your pup stays healthy.


In conclusion, having a four-legged friend with black gum doesn’t mean anything bad about its overall health condition – instead it adds uniqueness to its look! Understanding how natural pigmentation affects certain dog breeds’ appearance is part of being a responsible pet owner while taking good care of these precious pets will guarantee years full of joy together!