Chow Chow Dog Names: A Unique Moniker for a Unique Breed

The Chow Chow is a distinctive and majestic breed with a rich history and a striking appearance. Naming your Chow Chow is an exciting opportunity to find a moniker that reflects their uniqueness and personality. In this article, we present a carefully curated selection of Chow Chow dog names, each with its distinctive meaning, to help you find the perfect name that befits this remarkable and regal canine companion.

Names Inspired by the Chow Chow’s Origin

  • Ming: Meaning “bright” or “shining,” Ming is a nod to the Chow Chow’s Chinese heritage and their noble demeanor.
  • Xiao: This name signifies “small” or “little,” ideal for a Chow Chow with an adorable and petite stature.
  • Li Wei: A combination of two Chinese names, Li Wei means “pretty rose,” perfectly suited for a Chow Chow with a beautiful coat.

Strong Names for a Sturdy Breed

  • Titan: Named after the powerful and mighty Titans of mythology, Titan is ideal for a Chow Chow with a robust and commanding presence.
  • Kaiser: This regal name means “emperor” in German, representing the Chow Chow’s majestic and dignified nature.
  • Samson: Inspired by the biblical figure known for his strength, Samson suits a powerful and strong-willed Chow Chow.

Names Reflecting the Chow Chow’s Appearance

  • Sable: This name is derived from the coat color of the Chow Chow and represents elegance and refinement.
  • Onyx: Inspired by the precious black gemstone, Onyx is a perfect fit for a Chow Chow with a dark and glossy coat.
  • Cinnamon: Named after the warm and reddish-brown spice, Cinnamon suits a Chow Chow with a luscious and rich coat.

Elegant Names for a Regal Breed

  • Athena: Named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, Athena represents the Chow Chow’s intelligence and grace.
  • Duchess: This title signifies nobility and refinement, ideal for a Chow Chow with a royal and dignified bearing.
  • Baron: Meaning “nobleman,” Baron is a sophisticated name for a Chow Chow with an aristocratic presence.

Names Inspired by Chinese Culture

  • Ling Ling: A charming and endearing name, Ling Ling is a term of endearment in Chinese, perfectly suited for a beloved Chow Chow.
  • Bao Bao: Meaning “precious” or “treasure,” Bao Bao represents the Chow Chow’s value and importance in your life.
  • Wei: This name means “greatness” or “power,” reflecting the Chow Chow’s strong and formidable qualities.


Naming your Chow Chow is an opportunity to celebrate their unique heritage, appearance, and personality. Whether you prefer names inspired by their origin, strength, appearance, regal bearing, or Chinese culture, each option carries its special meaning. Take the time to observe your Chow Chow’s individuality and let their distinct traits guide you to the name that resonates most. With a meaningful and distinctive name, your Chow Chow will carry an identity that complements their regal and remarkable nature, strengthening the bond and cherished relationship you share.