Can Dogs Eat Tangerine Peels? The Pros and Cons Explained

Can dogs eat tangerine peels?

As a dog owner, it’s natural to question what your furry friend can and cannot eat. Tangerines are a juicy and delicious snack for humans, but can dogs indulge in this fruit too? The answer is yes – but with some caution.

The benefits

Tangerine peels contain essential vitamins like vitamin C, A, and dietary fiber. Dogs need these nutrients just as much as humans do to keep their bodies healthy and functioning properly. In moderation, feeding your pet tangerine peels can offer these health benefits without any adverse side effects.

Potential risks

While consuming small amounts of tangerine peel is safe for most dogs, there are some potential risks associated with overconsumption. The oils found in citrus fruits can cause gastrointestinal upset in some pets if eaten excessively. It might lead to vomiting or diarrhea that could potentially escalate into more severe conditions such as pancreatitis.

How to feed your dog tangerine peels safely

If you decide to treat your pup with bits of tangerine peel during snack time, ensure that the amount offered is minimal. Cut the peel into tiny pieces so they’re easier for your pet’s digestive system to handle; large chunks may obstruct their throat or cause other complications.

Bottom line: While giving little scrapings of fresh-squeezed orange juice on top of food could be okay once in a while or even using it medicinally – due diligence must be taken when feeding citrus fruits like mandarins containing seeds or rind/pith because they aren’t entirely digestible! For those who want an easy way out without worrying about all those details mentioned above- try sticking solely towards commercially prepared products specifically designed for our four-legged friends since everything has been done right from ingredients selection down through processing methods used.