Can Dogs Eat Sausage From Pizza? The Surprising Answer


Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods globally. Who doesn’t love a hot, crispy pizza loaded with gooey mozzarella and their favorite toppings? But what happens when our furry friends want to get in on the action? Can dogs eat sausage from pizza?

The answer: it depends

The answer to whether or not your dog can eat sausage from pizza isn’t straightforward. While some sausages may be safe for dogs, others aren’t. Additionally, depending on how the sausage was prepared and cooked, it could pose health risks to your furry friend.

What types of sausage are safe?

If you’re going to give your canine companion any type of sausage as a treat or part of their meal plan, ensure that it’s 100% meat without fillers like gluten and corn syrup that can upset their stomachs. Some good options include chicken or turkey sausages because they’re leaner meats than pork or beef.

However, even if you opt for safer options like chicken or turkey sausages, moderation is key. Too much fatty food such as sausage can cause weight gain and digestive problems in dogs.

The potential dangers

When giving your dog scraps off your plate, keep in mind that many human foods are toxic to them—sausage included! Garlic and onion powder commonly used in seasoning some types of pizza toppings such as pepperoni are harmful to pets’ red blood cells while other spices may irritate their digestive tracts.

Additionally, processed meats such as canned ham might contain preservatives like nitrates linked with cancer risks leading experts not recommending feeding them regularly.

In conclusion…

While including some cooked meat into a well-balanced diet generally won’t hurt dogs apparently; high-fat meals with sodium content should only be reserved for special occasions rather than frequently fed treats. If there’s any confusion, always consult with your vet to ensure that you’re keeping your furry friend safe and healthy.