Can Dogs Eat Raw Scallops? An Expert’s Guide to Safely Feeding Your Pooch


Dogs are not just pets, but members of our families. We want to give them the best care and ensure they stay healthy. While it’s easy to feed dogs with commercial dog food, many pet owners opt for a homemade diet or supplement their furry friends with human food. One question that arises is whether dogs can eat raw scallops.

The Short Answer

No, dogs should not eat raw scallops. Raw seafood poses health risks to both humans and animals due to potential bacterial contamination and parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms. Eating contaminated seafood could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, or even death in severe cases.

The Long Answer

While cooked scallops may be safe for your pooch in moderation as part of a balanced diet (provided there is no garlic or onion), raw ones carry too much risk. Ingesting contaminated shellfish can cause an infection called Vibrio vulnificus that affects dogs’ gastrointestinal systems severely.

Furthermore, scallop shells are sharp and could stick in your pet’s throat leading to choking hazards or digestive tract damage if swallowed whole.

Also remember: Dogs have different nutritional needs than humans do; feeding them table scraps regularly can create deficiencies depending on what you’re giving them.


In conclusion – while we want the best for our fur babies – it’s essential always to research before feeding them human foods like raw scallops because some things may put their health at risk more than others! It’s always better first-hand ask advice from veterinarians who know about animal nutrition rather than take any chances when dealing with uncooked foods that might contain harmful bacteria such as Vibrio vulnificus infecting seafood like oysters or mussels etcetera! Ultimately staying informed will keep furry family members happy & healthy- which makes everyone happy!