Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken With Bones? The Benefits and Risks Explained

Background Information:

Raw feeding has become quite popular among pet owners in recent times. It involves feeding pets raw meat, bones, and organs instead of commercial diets. While it may have some benefits for dogs, it also comes with risks that must be taken into consideration before making the switch.

The Benefits:

One of the significant benefits of feeding your dog raw chicken is that it is an excellent source of protein for them. Additionally, raw chicken contains essential nutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12 and minerals like zinc and iron. Raw chicken bones are also a great source of calcium to support healthy bone growth in dogs.

The Risks:

Feeding your dog raw chicken also comes with its share of risks. One major danger is salmonella poisoning from consuming contaminated meat or other bacteria infections associated with raw food consumption by pets.

Another potential risk factor associated with feeding your dog raw chicken bones is choking or intestinal obstruction because they can splinter when chewed on by dogs. This could cause serious harm to their digestive systems if not treated promptly.


While there are pros and cons to feeding your furry friend a diet containing uncooked chicken parts, it’s important always to consult with a veterinarian before starting any new dietary regimen for your pet.

Additionally, ensure that you follow safe handling guidelines for any type of poultry products when preparing meals at home for yourself or four-legged friends alike – this way everyone stays happy & healthy!