Can Dogs Eat Kale Raw? The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Dog Uncooked Kale


Dogs are an integral part of our lives. They share every moment with us, from our happy times to the tough ones. As dog owners, we want to ensure that they stay healthy and fit. We often wonder if human foods like kale would be safe for them to consume.

Kale Benefits

Kale is a superfood packed with vitamins A, C, and K. It also contains calcium, fiber, potassium, iron, and antioxidants. These nutrients will help you maintain a healthy body weight while reducing cholesterol levels and managing blood pressure.

Dog’s Diet

Dogs have different nutritional requirements than humans; their diet must contain appropriate amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates as well as other essential nutrients such as vitamins A B12 D E K etc., in proportions that support their growth development needs.

Dangers of Raw Kale Consumption for Dogs

Kale is notoriously known for containing goitrogens which can cause thyroid issues in dogs by interfering with iodine uptake thus leading to hypothyroidism or enlarged thyroid glands or even thyroid cancers if consumed raw so cooking it before offering it is always the best practice

Cooked Kale vs Raw Kale