Can Dogs Eat Hostas? How to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy

The Answer is No

As much as our furry friends love to munch on anything they see, unfortunately, hostas are not a safe option for them. Hostas contain saponins which can cause negative reactions in dogs such as vomiting, diarrhea, and even depression of the central nervous system.

What Are Hostas?

Hostas are commonly grown ornamental plants that have large leaves and beautiful flowers. They come in different colors and textures and are often used by gardeners to enhance their outdoor spaces.

Symptoms of Hosta Poisoning in Dogs

If you suspect your dog has ingested any part of a hosta plant or if you notice symptoms like drooling, loss of appetite, lethargy or vomiting – take them immediately to the vet. Your vet will most likely induce vomiting to remove any remaining toxins from your pup’s stomach.

Pet-Friendly Alternatives

It’s essential to provide alternative options for our pets when it comes to snacking outside. Some great alternatives include sweet potato chews, baby carrots, apple slices (without seeds), and blueberries. You can also grow pet-friendly herbs like parsley or basil in your garden as an excellent treat option for dogs!

In conclusion, it’s always best to be mindful of what your furry friends eat both inside the house and outdoors. If you have a lovely garden filled with beautiful hostas- make sure they’re out of reach from curious pups! Remember- prevention is always better than cure!