Can Dogs Eat Goldfish Fish? The Pros and Cons of Feeding Your Pup This Treat


As a dog owner, it’s natural to wonder what types of food are safe for your furry friend. One question that may come up is whether or not dogs can eat goldfish fish. In this blog post, we’ll explore the answer to that question in depth.

The short answer

The short answer is no – dogs should not eat goldfish fish. Goldfish contain thiaminase, an enzyme that breaks down thiamine (vitamin B1), which is essential for proper brain function and energy metabolism in dogs. If a dog eats too much of this enzyme, they could develop a vitamin B1 deficiency, leading to neurological problems and other health issues.

Potential dangers

In addition to the risk of vitamin B1 deficiency, there are other potential dangers associated with feeding goldfish to your dog. Goldfish can be carriers of harmful bacteria like salmonella or listeria, which can make your pet sick if ingested. Additionally, the bones in goldfish can pose a choking hazard or cause damage if swallowed.

What dogs should eat instead

While it may be tempting to share human food with our pets (especially when they give us those adorable puppy eyes!), it’s important to remember that most foods designed for humans aren’t suitable for canine consumption. Instead of giving your dog goldfish fish as a treat or snack consider some healthier options such as lean meats like chicken or turkey without any seasoning also vegetables like carrots and green beans which are low-calorie but high-fiber snacks perfect as treats.

In conclusion

While feeding your furry friend something new might seem fun at first – always err on the side of caution when introducing them into new diets since their digestive systems work differently from ours! It’s best practice not only ensures their safety but also provides them with optimal health benefits. When it comes to goldfish, remember that they are not safe for dogs to eat and should be avoided to keep your pet healthy and happy in the long run!