Can Dogs Eat Goldfish? The Important Facts to Know Before You Share


As pet owners, we love to let our furry friends taste everything we eat. We may have heard that some human foods are not safe for dogs to consume. One of these is the popular snack of goldfish crackers. But can dogs really eat goldfish? Read on to find out.

The Short Answer: No

Goldfish snacks contain artificial colors, flavors and additives which are harmful to dogs. Ingesting too much sodium or salt can lead to dehydration in dogs as their body cannot process it like humans do. In severe cases, consuming too much salt can even result in kidney failure.

Potential Risks

In addition, goldfish crackers also contain high levels of carbohydrates and calories which could cause weight gain and obesity in your dog if eaten regularly or in large amounts. This increased weight could lead to other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and joint issues.

Healthy Alternatives

Feeding your dog healthy treats is an important part of maintaining their overall wellbeing. Instead of feeding them processed human food like goldfish crackers, opt for natural treats such as carrots or green beans that are low calorie and packed with vitamins and minerals that benefit their health.

In Conclusion

While it’s tempting to give your furry friend a bite of everything you eat, certain foods just aren’t safe for them – including goldfish crackers! Always err on the side of caution when considering what snacks you give your pets; they deserve only the best care from us as loving pet owners!