Can Dogs Eat Dinner Rolls? What You Need to Know Before Feeding Fido

Can Dogs Eat Dinner Rolls?

Dogs are known for their love of table scraps, but it’s important to know which human foods are safe for them to consume. Dinner rolls may seem harmless and typically made with simple ingredients like flour, yeast, and sugar – but can dogs eat dinner rolls?

The Short Answer

Yes, dogs can technically eat dinner rolls without any harmful effects. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea to feed your furry friend bread on a regular basis.

Nutritional Value

While dinner rolls won’t poison your pooch or cause any immediate harm in small quantities, they aren’t exactly nutritious either. Most bread products contain little protein and fiber while being high in carbohydrates and calories.

Potential Risks

Bread dough is another story altogether. If ingested by a dog before baking, the yeast in the dough will continue to ferment inside their stomachs causing gas buildup that could potentially be life-threatening. Additionally, some brands of dinner rolls may contain ingredients like onions or garlic powder which can be toxic to pets when consumed in large amounts.

In conclusion, feeding your dog an occasional bite of plain dinner roll likely won’t do much harm if you consider its nutritional value compared to other treats available at pet stores. However please refrain from giving them too much as they need nutrients specifically designed for them not found in human food items such as canned dog food or specially formulated kibble diets prepared by reputable manufacturers specifically designed for canine consumption!