Are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Hypoallergenic?

When it comes to choosing a dog, many people consider hypoallergenic breeds due to allergies or sensitivities. One such breed that often piques interest is the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. This energetic and intelligent hunting dog has an appealing appearance with its wiry coat and gentle eyes. But, are Wirehaired Pointing Griffons truly hypoallergenic? Let’s dive into this topic and find out.

The Concept of Hypoallergenic Breeds

Before we discuss the specific qualities of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons in relation to allergies, it’s essential to understand what “hypoallergenic” means concerning dog breeds. A hypoallergenic breed refers to one that is less likely to provoke allergic reactions in individuals who are sensitive or allergic to pet dander.

While no dog can be entirely allergen-free, some breeds produce fewer allergens than others due to their coat type or shedding patterns. These dogs may still release dander (dead skin cells), saliva, or urine proteins that can trigger allergies but in lower quantities compared to other breeds.

Understanding the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Coat

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons have a distinctive double-layered coat designed for protection during outdoor activities and harsh weather conditions. Their coarse outer coat provides insulation while repelling water, dirt, and debris, making them excellent working dogs.

This wire-like outer layer serves as a natural shield against allergens like pollen or dust mites since it tends not to trap these particles as easily as smoother coats do. Additionally, their dense undercoat helps regulate body temperature by keeping them warm in colder climates but doesn’t significantly contribute to allergy-triggering factors.

However, despite these characteristics, it’s important not to confuse being hypoallergenic with being non-shedding. Wirehaired Pointing Griffons do shed, albeit moderately, and their wiry coat may occasionally release loose hairs into the environment.

Dander Production and Allergen Levels

While some breeds produce less allergens, it’s crucial to note that allergies are primarily triggered by a person’s reaction to proteins within pet dander or saliva. These allergenic proteins can be found in varying amounts across different dog breeds.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons tend to produce fewer allergens compared to other breeds due to their specific coat type. Consequently, individuals with mild allergies might experience fewer symptoms when exposed to this breed than they would with others that shed more or have smoother coats.

However, it is important to remember that individual allergic reactions can differ significantly from person to person. Some individuals might still experience allergy symptoms even around hypoallergenic breeds like the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon if they have heightened sensitivity or severe allergies.

Reducing Allergy Symptoms

If you or someone in your household has allergies but is considering adding a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon as a furry companion, there are steps you can take to help reduce potential allergy symptoms:

1. Regular Grooming: Brush your dog’s coat frequently (at least once or twice per week) outside of your living area.

2. Cleaning Routine: Maintain cleanliness in your home regularly by vacuuming carpets and upholstery surfaces where pet dander tends to accumulate.

3. Air Filtration: Use high-efficiency air filters throughout the house and consider investing in an air purifier specifically designed for capturing pet-related allergens.

4. Restricted Areas: Create certain areas within your house where the dog isn’t allowed access (e.g., bedrooms) so that these spaces remain relatively free of allergens.

5. Personal Hygiene: Wash hands after petting your dog and avoid touching your face to minimize exposure to allergens.

Remember, consulting with an allergist or visiting a breeder to spend time around Wirehaired Pointing Griffons before making a decision can help gauge potential allergic reactions accurately.


While no dog breed can guarantee complete allergy relief, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons are often considered hypoallergenic due to their wiry coat that tends to trap fewer allergens than other breeds. However, individual sensitivities may vary, so spending time around the breed and taking necessary precautions is crucial when considering this lively and handsome hunting companion.