Are Schapendoess Good With Other Dogs?

Schapendoess, also known as Dutch Sheepdogs, are adorable and intelligent dogs that have gained popularity in recent years. If you’re considering adding a Schapendoes to your family, one crucial aspect to consider is their compatibility with other dogs. In this blog post, we’ll explore the temperament and social nature of Schapendoes breeds to help you determine if they are good with other dogs.

The Temperament of Schapendoess

Schapendoess have a generally friendly and sociable temperament, making them great companions for humans and potentially other dogs too. They tend to be gentle-natured and enjoy the company of their fellow canines. However, just like any breed or individual dog’s behavior may vary slightly.

Socializing Your Schapendoes

To ensure your Schapendoes gets along well with other dogs, proper socialization from an early age is essential. Introduce them gradually to different breeds, sizes, ages, and personalities of dogs in controlled settings such as obedience classes or supervised playdates at dog parks. This will help your furry friend develop appropriate canine communication skills and become more comfortable around unfamiliar four-legged pals.

Introducing Your Schapendoes to New Dogs

When introducing your beloved Schapendoes to new furry friends on walks or in public spaces:

1. Start by keeping both dogs on leashes for better control.

– Allow them some distance initially while observing their body language.

– Look out for signs of aggression or stress such as growling or raised hackles.

– Gradually decrease the distance between the two while assessing reactions carefully.

Remember that each dog has its unique personality; even if most individuals within a breed get along well with others doesn’t guarantee a perfect match with every single dog they encounter.

Monitoring Playtime

While Schapendoess are generally friendly, it’s essential to supervise their interactions during playtime or when meeting new dogs. Keep an eye on their body language to ensure that all parties stay comfortable and boundaries aren’t crossed. If you notice any signs of tension or discomfort, intervene calmly and separate the dogs if necessary.

Training Your Schapendoes for Good Doggie Etiquette

Proper training plays a vital role in helping your Schapendoes interact positively with other dogs. Teach them basic commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it.” These commands will allow you to redirect your dog’s attention if needed during encounters where tensions may arise.

It’s also important to reward good behavior when your Schapendoes interacts appropriately with other dogs. Positive reinforcement through treats, praise, or play can help reinforce good doggie etiquette.


In conclusion, while individual behavior may vary slightly within the breed, Schapendoess are generally good with other dogs due to their sociable nature and friendly temperament. However, proper socialization from an early age is crucial for ensuring positive interactions between your beloved pet and fellow canines.

Remember that each dog is unique in its preferences and compatibility with others; monitoring playtime is essential for fostering healthy relationships between your Schapendoes and other four-legged friends.

With proper socialization, diligent training, and responsible supervision during interactions with new furry acquaintances—your lovable Schapeddoe has all the potential to become best buddies not just with humans but also with fellow canine companions!