Are Hovawarts Hypoallergenic?

If you’re someone who suffers from allergies but still dreams of owning a furry friend, finding the right hypoallergenic breed is crucial. One dog breed that often catches the attention of potential allergy sufferers is the Hovawart. With their elegant appearance and loyal nature, these dogs are undeniably appealing. However, before jumping into adopting a Hovawart, it’s important to determine whether they are truly hypoallergenic or not.

Understanding Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

To understand whether Hovawarts are hypoallergenic or not, we need to clarify what “hypoallergenic” means in terms of dog breeds. A hypoallergenic dog breed refers to those that produce fewer allergens compared to other breeds. These allergens primarily come from a dog’s dander, saliva, and urine.

Allergic Reactions and Pet Dander

Pet dander is one common trigger for allergies in humans. It consists of tiny flecks of skin shed by animals with fur or feathers. Allergic reactions occur when individuals sensitive to these allergens come into contact with them through inhalation or direct skin contact.

Hovawarts and Allergy Sufferers

Unfortunately for allergy sufferers hoping for relief through owning a Hovawart, this specific breed does not fall under the category of hypoallergenic dogs. While no dog can be completely allergen-free as all dogs produce at least some level of dander and protein particles that trigger allergic reactions; certain breeds tend to cause fewer problems than others due to their low-shedding coats.

Hair vs Fur: Understanding Coat Types

Hovawarts possess a double coat, consisting of a dense undercoat and longer, harsher guard hairs. This unique coat type requires regular grooming to minimize shedding and control dander production. However, even with proper care and maintenance, Hovawarts can still produce allergens that may provoke allergies in sensitive individuals.

Individual Allergy Sensitivity

It’s important to note that the level of allergic response varies from person to person. While some allergy sufferers might tolerate being around Hovawarts without experiencing severe symptoms, others may find their allergies triggered by these dogs regardless of grooming efforts.

Tips for Living with a Hovawart if You Have Allergies

If you’re determined to bring home a Hovawart despite your allergies, there are steps you can take to minimize the impact:

  1. Frequent Grooming: Regularly brush your dog’s coat outdoors or have someone who is not allergic perform this task.
  2. Allergy-Friendly Space: Designate certain areas within your home as hypoallergenic zones where your dog is not allowed access.
  3. Air Purifiers and Filters: Invest in high-quality air purifiers equipped with HEPA filters throughout your living space to reduce airborne allergens.
  4. Clean Home Environment: Vacuum frequently using a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter to capture pet dander effectively. Additionally, wash bedding regularly at high temperatures (if safe) for further reduction of allergens.
  5. Allergy Medication: Consult with an allergist or medical professional about suitable allergy medications or treatments that can help manage symptoms caused by exposure to your Hovawart.


If you’re an allergy sufferer, it’s essential to be fully informed before choosing a dog breed. While Hovawarts may not be hypoallergenic, every individual’s allergies differ in severity and tolerance levels. With proper grooming, cleaning practices, and precautions, it is still possible for some allergy sufferers to coexist peacefully with a Hovawart as part of their family.