Are Finnish Spitzs Good With Other Dogs?

Finnish Spitzs, also known as Suomenpystykorva in their native Finland, are a unique breed that is revered for their hunting skills and friendly nature. If you already have another dog or are considering getting one, you may wonder if the Finnish Spitz will get along well with other dogs. In this blog post, we will explore the temperament and social behavior of Finnish Spitzs when it comes to interacting with other canines.

The Temperament of Finnish Spitzs

Finnish Spitzs are typically described as lively, outgoing, and sociable dogs. They have a strong sense of independence but also enjoy being part of a pack. This breed has been historically used for hunting small game such as squirrels and birds. Their natural instincts make them alert and cautious around unfamiliar animals.

Socialization Is Key

Like any dog breed, proper socialization plays a vital role in determining how well they interact with other dogs. Early and ongoing exposure to different types of dogs in various environments can help shape your Finnish Spitz’s behavior towards canine companionship.

Starting from puppyhood, introduce your Finnish Spitz to friendly and well-mannered dogs that belong to friends or family members. Gradually expose them to parks or controlled settings where they can meet new furry friends on neutral ground.

Traits That Influence Dog Interactions

Finnish Spitzs possess several characteristics that can influence their behavior when interacting with other dogs:

  • Pack mentality: Being descendants of hunting breeds means these dogs excel at working together in groups – including forming bonds within their own species.
  • Protective nature: Finnish Spitzs are inclined to be protective of their family and territory. They may exhibit caution or wariness when other dogs enter their space, especially if they perceive a potential threat.
  • Independent streak: This breed can have an independent streak that could influence how they interact with other dogs. While generally friendly, they may not constantly seek out the company of unfamiliar dogs and prefer to maintain their own space at times.

Tips for Successful Dog-to-Dog Interactions

To ensure positive experiences between your Finnish Spitz and other dogs, consider these tips:

  1. Socialize early: Start socializing your Finnish Spitz from a young age so that they become accustomed to being around different types of dogs in various settings. This will help them develop good manners and appropriate behavior when meeting new canine friends.
  2. Ongoing training: Consistent training helps reinforce positive behaviors such as polite greetings and following commands, which can contribute to fostering harmonious interactions between your dog and others.
  3. Safe introductions: When introducing your Finnish Spitz to a new dog, choose neutral territory like a park or open area where neither dog has established ownership. Allow them time to sniff each other before letting them interact off-leash under supervision.
  4. Avoid forceful approaches: Forcing two unfamiliar dogs together can create tension or aggression. Instead, let the interaction progress gradually while observing body language for signs of discomfort or stress from either party involved.
  5. Reward-based reinforcement: Positive reinforcement using treats or praise is an effective way to encourage and reward good behavior during dog-to-dog interactions. This helps your Finnish Spitz associate positive experiences with meeting other dogs.


Finnish Spitzs have the potential to be good with other dogs, but like any breed, it requires appropriate socialization and training from an early age. By understanding their temperament, providing proper socialization opportunities, and following tips for successful interactions, you can foster a friendly and harmonious relationship between your Finnish Spitz and other canine companions.

Remember that every dog is unique, so observing their individual behaviors and preferences will guide you in creating the best environment for them to thrive socially. With patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement – your Finnish Spitz can enjoy a happy coexistence with fellow dogs!