Are Corgi Inus Good Family Dogs?

If you’re considering adding a furry companion to your family, the Corgi Inu might be on your list of potential breeds. These adorable mixed breed dogs are a cross between Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Shiba Inus. But before making any decisions, it’s important to evaluate whether Corgi Inus make good family dogs.

The Temperament

Corgi Inus have an affectionate and playful temperament that can make them great family pets. They are known for their friendly nature and love being around people, including children. Their innate intelligence allows them to adapt well in various environments and become part of the family dynamic.

Size and Exercise Needs

Corgi Inus are medium-sized dogs with an average height of 12-15 inches at the shoulder. This size makes them suitable for families living in apartments or houses with limited space. Although they may have short legs like their Corgi parentage, they still require regular exercise to keep both their minds and bodies active.

To meet their exercise needs, daily walks or play sessions in the backyard should suffice as long as they get enough mental stimulation through interactive toys or puzzles. Engaging activities such as obedience training classes or agility exercises can also help keep these intelligent pups entertained while strengthening the bond within your family.

Socialization Skills

When properly socialized from a young age, Corgi Inus tend to be excellent companions for all members of the household – including other pets! Early socialization sets them up for success by exposing them positively to different people, animals, sounds, places, and situations.

Introducing children gently but consistently will foster a strong bond between kids and their furry playmate. It’s important to teach children how to interact appropriately with dogs and supervise their interactions, especially at the beginning.

Grooming Needs

Corgi Inus have a medium-length double coat that requires moderate grooming. Regular brushing helps keep their fur free of tangles and reduces shedding, which can be beneficial for family members who may have allergies. Additionally, monthly nail trims and routine dental care are essential to maintain overall health and comfort.

Training and Intelligence

The Corgi Inu’s parent breeds both possess high intelligence levels, making training a relatively easy task compared to other breeds. Their desire to please their owners combined with positive reinforcement methods will lead to successful obedience training sessions.

A well-trained Corgi Inu will not only listen attentively but also understand its role as part of your family unit. This makes them an ideal choice for families looking for a trainable companion who can participate in various activities such as tricks or even therapy work if desired.


In conclusion, Corgi Inus can make excellent family dogs due to their friendly temperament, adaptability to different living situations, moderate exercise needs, and high trainability. With the right socialization, they can become cherished companions for children and adults alike! However, it’s crucial to remember that every dog is an individual; proper research on breed traits matched with your family’s lifestyle is essential before bringing any new pet into your home.