Are Berger Picards Good With Other Dogs?

Berger Picards, also known as Picardy Shepherds, are a unique and charming breed that hails from France. If you’re considering adding one of these dogs to your family, it’s natural to wonder how they’ll get along with other canines. In this blog post, we will explore the temperament and social nature of Berger Picards to help you determine if they are good with other dogs.

The Social Nature of Berger Picards

Berger Picards are known for their friendly and sociable nature, making them generally good companions for both humans and other dogs. They have a strong desire to be part of a pack or family unit, which includes getting along well with fellow canine members.

While every dog is an individual with its own personality traits, Berger Picards tend to display an amicable disposition towards their four-legged counterparts. Proper socialization from puppyhood plays a crucial role in shaping their behavior around other dogs.

Early Socialization is Key

Socializing your Berger Picard early on is essential in promoting positive interactions with other dogs throughout their lives. Exposing them to various breeds and sizes at an early age helps ensure that they grow up into well-mannered adults who feel comfortable around different canine personalities.

Additionally, enrolling your pup in puppy kindergarten classes or obedience training can provide structured opportunities for socializing under controlled environments. These experiences teach young Berger Picards valuable skills such as proper greetings and appropriate play behaviors when interacting with unfamiliar pups.

Individual Temperament Matters

While the breed has general tendencies towards being good-natured around other dogs, it’s important to remember that each dog possesses its own distinct temperament. Some individuals may be more outgoing and accepting of new furry friends right off the bat, while others might be initially cautious or reserved.

If you’re introducing your Berger Picard to another dog, it’s crucial to do so slowly and in a controlled manner. Allow the dogs to meet on neutral ground under supervision, observing their body language for signs of discomfort or aggression. Patience is key as they establish their own relationship dynamics over time.

Introducing Adult Berger Picards

While early socialization is paramount, adult Berger Picards can still develop positive relationships with other dogs when introduced properly. It’s important to take things slow and respect each dog’s space during initial interactions.

Gradually increasing the duration and frequency of supervised playdates between your Berger Picard and other dogs will allow them to build trust and familiarity. Remember that every dog has its own unique personality, so it may take some time for them to become comfortable with one another.


In general, Berger Picards have a friendly disposition towards other dogs due to their sociable nature. However, individual temperament plays a significant role in how they interact with fellow canines. Early socialization and proper introductions are vital steps in ensuring positive relationships between your Berger Picard and other pups throughout its life.

Remember that each dog is unique, so monitoring their interactions and providing ongoing training as needed will help foster positive relations between your beloved pup and its furry friends. With patience, understanding, and appropriate introductions, your Berger Picard can enjoy happy companionship with other dogs for years to come!