Are American French Bull Terriers Good Family Dogs?

Choosing the right dog breed for your family is an important decision. One popular breed to consider is the American French Bull Terrier. But are they good family dogs? Let’s explore their characteristics and temperament to help you make an informed choice.

Breed Overview

The American French Bull Terrier, also known as a “Frenchton,” combines the traits of its parent breeds, the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog. This designer breed typically inherits desirable qualities from both sides, making them appealing companions for many families.


American French Bull Terriers have a friendly and affectionate nature that makes them great family pets. They thrive on human companionship and love being part of a pack. These dogs are known for their loyalty towards their owners and can form strong bonds with all members of the household.

This breed tends to be gentle with children, especially when properly socialized from an early age. They enjoy playing games but should always be supervised around young kids due to their small size.


American French Bull Terriers possess moderate intelligence, which means they can be trained relatively easily compared to some other breeds. Positive reinforcement techniques like treats, praise, and playtime work well with these dogs.

To ensure successful training sessions, consistency is key. Short yet regular training sessions will help keep your Frenchie interested while allowing them enough time for rest between activities.

Exercise Needs

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance exercise companion, this might be just what you need! While American French Bull Terriers have moderate energy levels compared to high-energy working or sporting breeds,

a daily walk and some interactive playtime are usually sufficient to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. However, they still enjoy the occasional longer outing or a visit to the dog park for socialization.


One of the many perks of having an American French Bull Terrier as a family pet is their low-maintenance grooming requirements. Their short coat only requires weekly brushing to remove loose hair and keep it looking shiny.

You’ll also want to clean their floppy ears regularly, as this breed may be prone to ear infections due to poor air circulation in that area. Dental hygiene is equally important, so incorporating regular teeth brushing into their routine is recommended.

Health Considerations

Although generally healthy dogs, American French Bull Terriers can be prone to certain health conditions inherited from either parent breed. Some common issues include brachycephalic syndrome (related breathing difficulties), allergies, patellar luxation (knee joint problems), and eye conditions such as cataracts or cherry eye.

If you decide on adding an American French Bull Terrier to your family, make sure you choose a responsible breeder who performs necessary health checks on their breeding stock.

The Verdict

American French Bull Terriers can indeed make excellent family dogs when properly cared for and trained. They possess qualities that suit many households – friendly temperament, loyalty towards their loved ones,

and moderate exercise needs – making them an ideal choice for families seeking a loving companion with minimal grooming requirements. Remember that individual personalities can vary within any breed,

so spending time with prospective puppies or adult dogs before making your decision will give you the best insight into whether they are the right fit for your specific family dynamic.