Cheap and Cheerful: A Guide to the Most Affordable Large Dog Breeds


Are you looking for a furry companion but worried about the expenses that come with owning a dog? Large breeds are often associated with high maintenance costs, from food to grooming. However, not all big dogs have to break the bank! In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of affordable low-cost large dog breeds that are perfect for budget-conscious pet owners.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America and for good reason. They’re friendly, loyal, and make excellent family pets. Labradors are also relatively inexpensive as they don’t require much grooming or specialized diets. Their short hair makes them easy to maintain and their love of exercise means you’ll save money on expensive toys as they’ll happily play fetch with a simple ball.


Don’t let their reputation as racing dogs fool you; Greyhounds can also make wonderful pets. Despite their size, these gentle giants tend to be couch potatoes and won’t need hours of exercise each day making them ideal apartment pets. You’ll also save money on grooming bills as they have short hair that doesn’t shed too much.


Boxers may look tough but underneath those muscles lies a lovable teddy bear personality. These energetic pups do require daily exercise but will happily tire themselves out playing in your backyard or at the park rather than needing costly gym memberships like some other more athletic larger breeds might! An added bonus is that boxers don’t need frequent grooming – just an occasional bath!

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds might not seem like typical ‘large’ breed dogs due to their shorter stature when compared to others on this list such as Great Danes or Mastiffs; however what they lack in height they certainly make up for in personality! These loyal dogs make excellent family pets, and their distinctive long ears are far too adorable to resist. They may shed a bit more hair than some of our other breeds on this list but they don’t require excessive grooming or maintenance.


Owning a large dog doesn’t have to be expensive, and these low-cost large dog breeds prove it. Adopting one of these furry friends can save you money while still providing the love and companionship that all pet owners crave. Keep in mind that while these dogs may be low-maintenance when compared to some other larger breeds, they still need proper care and attention just like any pet would!